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Revealing…Three of My Biggest Mistakes in Life

February 28, 2012


I haven’t blogged in forever.  There’s really not much to say.  My life isn’t changing in any way. I’m extremely blessed, happy, loving God, enjoying life all while being my hermiting self. I’m branching out in some areas.  More about that another day I suppose.  But I had an emotional breakdown the other night and […]

And So It Begins

October 15, 2011


“You will never reach your goal until you start to take action, any action.” Byron Pulsifer I have struggled with my weight all my life.  Around the age 16, I started gaining.  I think it had to do some with personal stuff I was dealing with at the time.  But I started gaining.  Then I […]

Protected: Passing Judgement

September 29, 2011

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September 7, 2011


I walked down memory lane with The Girls today.  I happened to tell them a story in passing about my childhood.  That story had them asking for another. Yeah, seriously.  Before too long, we were piled around the kitchen table with our noses buried in photo albums and yearbooks. I know I never liked school. […]

The Doorstep To the Temple of Wisdom Is a Knowledge of Our Own Ignorance.

August 21, 2011


The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance. ~ Benjamin Franklin I sure hope that’s true.  I have a confession to make.  If you start talking deep thought stuff regarding religion, my mind will wander off to errands that I have to run, grocery lists and my to do […]

Road Trip 2011

July 19, 2011


We are back from a two week road trip. Our adventure took us to Roanoke, VA, Washington, DC, NYC, Portland, ME, Philly and Harrisonburg, VA. It was definitely interesting. The first night, we stayed with Keith’s uncle in Roanoke and saw the most awesome fireworks display I have ever seen. The family was very hospitable. […]

Hi, I’m Jena…

June 21, 2011


…and I haven’t been here in forever. We are so busy! Tomorrow, we leave for the Wild Goose Festival ( We are taking the little girls, but Abby chose not to go because she already only had two weeks “off” this summer and she wanted to enjoy a free weekend. We’re gonna be tent camping. […]