Posted on September 7, 2011


I walked down memory lane with The Girls today.  I happened to tell them a story in passing about my childhood.  That story had them asking for another. Yeah, seriously.  Before too long, we were piled around the kitchen table with our noses buried in photo albums and yearbooks.

I know I never liked school. I liked the education part fine, but the social anxiety that comes from being in school was not great.  But I don’t think I remembered just how much I hated school.  I had this Senior Memory Book thing that was like a scrapbook for memorabilia and thoughts about certain things going on in a high schooler’s life.  My words just poured hate for school.

I am so glad my girls don’t have that problem.  The Eldest is happy at school. She flourishes.  Social anxiety? Not at all. The Girls are, thankfully, homeschooled.  I don’t think they have the same personality makeup as The Eldest, so I don’t think school would suit them at all. Well, maybe The Youngest.  She is a little social butterfly sometimes.

Walking down memory lane reminded me of my first love. Not in a “Oh, wonder what he’s up to now?” kind of way.  More of a “Wow, what a long time ago.” and “Wow, how silly I was!”  But on the heels of the start of first love in our household, I also thought of the “That hurt.” kind of way.  I pray that The Eldest doesn’t have that problem.  I am not naive enough to think that her first love will be her last, but I can wish, right?

I sit here tonight in the afterglow of a good family evening.  We couldn’t all be here for dinner (The Eldest was working) but we all sat down to dessert together.  We played a board game. We laughed. A lot.  I am reminded of how blessed I am.  Just wanted to stop in and let you know.

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