Road Trip 2011

Posted on July 19, 2011


We are back from a two week road trip. Our adventure took us to Roanoke, VA, Washington, DC, NYC, Portland, ME, Philly and Harrisonburg, VA. It was definitely interesting.

The first night, we stayed with Keith’s uncle in Roanoke and saw the most awesome fireworks display I have ever seen. The family was very hospitable.

The second day, we arrived in DC. I hate DC. We drove in. And proceeded to get lost immediately. We drove around for a few hours, finally found the location of the tour we were taking and then realized they had already boarded for the last tour. We left DC and proceeded on to Baltimore, where we stayed with my dear friend Susan. Who made some exceptional grilled asparagus.

The next day, we drove into Hoboken, NJ, hopped the subway and ventured into NYC. We took a bus tour there so we could see everything to see and then on the way back home, we would stop in and visit things that had caught our interest. The tour was awesome. I hate being a tourist, but it was really worth it. There is no way we could have navigated in that traffic and seen everything we saw.

We then headed to Portland, ME where Keith’s parents live. We stayed with them for five days. We got to hit the beach (only) twice, headed to the lake one day and saw Portland Headlight and Two Lights (lighthouses) while there.

In Portland, I also had to go to the Urgent Care to have treatment for a staph infection. That was fun, let me tell you.

On the way home, our first stop was back in NYC. We visited Macy’s for Abby and Em. They are our shopping girls and what shopper can resist a 7 story, full city block shopping extravaganza? We then walked down Times Square looking for Discovery Times Square. They are currently presenting the touring Harry Potter Exhibition (unbeknownst to our children, we had tickets). As we approached, Katie saw it first and was so excited to be able to walk past the Weasley’s car. She knew we were on a mission to somewhere, but wasn’t sure where. We walked in and that child was screaming and jumping up and down. The exhibit houses over 200 costumes and tons of memorbilia from the movies. It was so cool. I got to pull a mandrake and the girls even got to play a game of Quidditch.

Next stop: Philly. We spent a day visiting with the folks of the Simple Way and Shane Claiborne. This was the highlight of my trip. Getting to see how they do the things they do and sitting in Shane’s house eating lunch, realizing he is just a simple guy, like us. It was really cool.

Our last stop was Harrisonburg, VA. We had nothing to do there, just sleep. But, I lost my Kindle there. (boo)

We are happy to be home and in our own beds. Well, Keith and I are. The girls are all off at camp now, so we have the house to ourselves. It’s kinda nice after being in the car together for two weeks. 😉

Road trips are fun, but not on my agenda for a long time to come.

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