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Posted on June 21, 2011


…and I haven’t been here in forever. We are so busy!

Tomorrow, we leave for the Wild Goose Festival (www.wildgoosefestival.org). We are taking the little girls, but Abby chose not to go because she already only had two weeks “off” this summer and she wanted to enjoy a free weekend. We’re gonna be tent camping. Should be interesting. The girls haven’t ever been and I haven’t been since I was a young kid.

I’m pretty danged excited about it. Wild Goose is a Christian festival for social justice, music and art. There are a ton of speakers we are really excited to see (Shane Claiborne, Matt Pritchard, Jonathan-Wilson Hartgrove, Nadia Bolz-Weber, just to name a few!). We are volunteering at the festival for our tickets. Should have waited because the folks at the Simple Way (I admin a few Facebook pages for them) informed me on my birthday that they were giving my family passes. This way, we now take the girls. We are still volunteering though. 😉

One really cool thing they are trying to do is to not make much of a profit, if any. For example, they have a water vendor there but it’s only $4 for a refillable bottle. Most festivals, it’s $4 for a bottle that you throw away.

In addition to Wild Goose, we are taking a two week long road trip. We are driving to Maine (and spending a week on the beach – woohoo!) and stopping along the way and back in New York, DC, Philly and Roanoke. We are all so excited! The girls, who don’t want to ride in the car for an hour, are all super excited! Of course, we are renting a van, so it makes traveling much more comfortable!

Abby is so dang busy! She leaves for Creation (Christian music festival) the day after we get back from Wild Goose. She will be gone for almost a week. A week after that, we go on our Road Trip. When we get back, she goes to leadership camp for Student Government (This is also the week that the little girls go to summer camp. It’s gonna be nice to come back from two weeks in the car together to a quiet house. I am gonna come home, get all the laundry done right off the back and then enjoy the quiet.) She is also volunteering two weeks at the Aquarium’s Summer Camp. All that in addition to babysitting at least three nights a week when she is in town.

So until next month…or the next time I have a few minutes to spare!

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