Posted on March 13, 2011


Phew.  It’s been probably two weeks since I sat down at the computer for more than ten minutes.  Figure an updated is needed. Or an explanation as to why I have been busy.

The short answer is: Randy.  Our (formerly) homeless friend Randy has moved into our basement.  We had the room and he needed it.  So we asked and he graciously accepted. We took him out to dinner two weeks ago Friday and asked him over Calzones.  The rest of the weekend, I heard nothing except how grateful he was.  And it shows.

He washes clothes.  He does dishes.  He buys groceries off my grocery list when he goes walking.  He is teaching Keith all kinds of things: woodworking, electrical stuff, car stuff, things like that.  And he tilled up my garden.

He says it makes him feel normal again to have things to do.  Anytime he wants to wash my dishes, he can feel free. And he does.

Last night, I wanted to talk to a friend (any friend) about a situation I was dealing with but didn’t have anyone to call.  I realized, I could talk to Randy.  I told him about my realization and he laughed and said, “Anytime, day or night, you need a friend, you come get me.”

Now I hear some of you clearly: “WHAT?  Are you crazy?!?!” Let me assure you, we went into this with open eyes (and hearts) open, praying the whole way.  We have many safety precautions and ground rules in place.  He has no problem with any of them.  This is the right thing for our family. We just made it bigger by one.

Some people (*cough cough* Daddy *cough cough*) do not understand and that’s ok. I know that I am pleasing my Heavenly Father, so my earthly dad’s yelling and cussing only stings for a little while.

We are also adding to our family by two on a part time basis.  Our friend Dave has to move his children down here suddenly He has rented an extended stay to house them all until he can find his own place. But he needed help with day care.

Let me walk you back a step: Fostering has really been on my mind lately. I don’t think we ever can, but it’s still on my heart.  Even if I do sometimes feel selfish and want the house to myself.  I can’t have more children and Keith never got a son.  Instead, we are taking on Dave’s kiddos.  They will stay here while he works.  Keith gets to play with boys, I get two more to teach (Sorta – one will be in school and one in preschool. I will work with him at home and the older one after school.)  I think that sounds like a swell deal. I have plenty of love to go round.

Speaking of love, Keith and I are going to prom tonight!  I sent him an invitation last week to “The Stars Burn Bright for You, My Love”.  I made up this corny (but cute!) invitation with stars on it and gave him a ticket for if he thought this was a swell idea. Apparently he did because he said yes.  So, i have been getting ready all afternoon.  Randy helped me string Christmas lights on the back patio (it’s a patio prom!), I have a table with a white tablecloth covering it, the IHome and candles all awaiting our arrival. And I even decorated the patio.  A welcome sign, stars, glitter, the works.  The grill is ready to go and I am pretty excited.  We still have an hour and a half to go, though.

Most of you know that I am a rapid-cycling bipolar with a paranoid delusional disorder.  A beautiful friend, Holly, wrote a wonderful blog explaining bipolar disorder to children.  You should definitely check it out. She did a wonderful, terrific job.  She wrote it because her eleven year old son  has been hospitalized and his friends needed a way to understand. Please keep them in your prayers.

Off to go grill some steak and hang out with my friend Randy.

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