Date Night

Posted on February 24, 2011


I went for frozen yogurt at Sweet CeCe’s this evening on a date.

I had a marvelous time.

This shop is a frozen yogurt bar, so we slowly made our way up the aisle both of us oozing our bowls with caramel sauce.

We sat down and did a little relationship workbook thing – Chapter One, Section One.  It’s all about how God designed your relationship and a bit of sharing your faith with each other. A lot of learning the deeper part of each other.  It’s really cool.

I had some amazing, intelligent conversation about birthin’ babies and God and even some Nicodemus thrown in for good measure.

And of course the car ride consists of too loud music and barely heard conversation. 😉

Thanks, Abby, for a wonderful mother / daughter date night!


Speaking of Abby, her trip to Europe was canceled.  We were all devastated – none more than Abby, of course.  I am so terribly sorry that she won’t have that as a memory.  It would have been beautiful, I am sure.

To lessen the sting, we told her that we would take the money we had all put into the Europe trip and buy her a car.  She was pretty excited till she learned her money won’t go too far. 😉 (love ya, child)

Yeah, that’s right, I said car.  Abby drives now.  For now, it’s just with adults, but give her another five months or so and … oh my, my heart quickens at the thought.  My baby is driving.  And there are so many idiots on the roads while my baby is driving.

Still keeping on the topic of Abby,  I don’t praise her nearly enough. She puts God first in everything – which means Bible studies and youth group  takes priority, she is in Student Government and a leader within it, does Model UN, has two regular baby-sitting gigs, still brings home “A’s”, and over all is just an outstanding kid.  I trust her with all my heart.  She never gives me any trouble, doesn’t do drugs, drink or have sex.

I am completely blessed to have a child such as Abby.

I love you, Sweet Child O’ Mine!


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