The One About Fitness

Posted on January 24, 2011


So, we all know, I am not in the best shape (ha…understatement of the year!) but I have made it a goal to be in shape by December.

In order to do so, I am:

  • joining the gym
  • eating better (Think more organic, less sugar and less wheat)
  • having a fitness buddy via the internet (She is such a cool person and she’s making me more determined to be in shape. Our accountability goal is to be in a swimsuit by December and to send each other pics of us in said suits! Talk about scary motivation.)
  • having a workout partner (Even though she plans to go to the gym a *minimum* of four times a week. I will have to work up to that!)
  • walking with Keith three times a week (He doesn’t know. It’s a new goal.  Hi honey! Now you know!)
  • being more active over all
  • blogging about my progress.  (I know you all want to hear about it. *sarcasm here* but I think holding myself accountable here as well will help.

So… I have lost six pounds since the first of the year. I haven’t weighed in a week though, so I don’t know if I have lost more or not.  That’s averaging out to about two pounds a week. Pretty healthy I think!

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