Super Woman in 2011!

Posted on January 3, 2011


We ended the New Year in the company of friends and started the New Year with a quiet family day. It was really nice.

I kick started my New Habits for 2011 with “20 Questions for a New Year’s Eve Reflection” from (In)Courage.  I didn’t do it on NYE though, I am in the process of doing it with Keith. We are halfway done and hope to have the rest finished by tomorrow. It’s prompting lots of discussion.  But it is helping me to see what habits I want to form in the New Year.

Personal Growth

* work on wisdom, conciousness, being more giving and improving my follow through. 
* my learning goals are understanding how World History is interwoven with Biblical history, knitting and sewing and gardening
*books I would like to read: The Bible in it’s entirety, the books on my book challenge and all of the girls supplemental curriculum books (if I am teaching it, I better know it backward and forward!)
*daily devotions, reading the Bible in chronological order, morning, noon and evening prayers and a Christian book study or three

Physical Health

my desired new habits are to lose 8 pounds a month till I get to my desired weight; joining the gym, cutting out sugar (which means water and not sweet tea!) and an overall more active lifestyle

Family Lifedate nights monthly with each of the girls – and Keith; family meetings once a week to just check in; family devotions; reading a book together (out loud) at all times; play more board games (boy we will never stop playing board games if I want more board games!)


Miscellaneous*stick to a budget all year; pay down debt; tithe regularly (we really struggle with this!); nurturing my friendships (sorry guys! I have neglected you!); do more volunteer work; strengthen my relationship with my extended family; keep the house clean with the help of FlyLady

What cha think? Can I stick to them? I quit smoking and birthed a child. I think I can do anything!  Super Woman in 2011!

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