GISTs to Catch Me Up

Posted on November 19, 2010


I got behind on my GISTs, so here are a few.  I know you have been waiting with bated breath. 🙂

Grace in Small Things 18-7

(These are in no particular order!!)

18.  Pasta – My favorite food group. : ) Maybe I should just say simply food, since I have an abundance of it.

17.  Books – What would I do without them?  They are my sanity.

16.  Abby – her intelligence and maturity astound me daily.

15. Katie – who else can make me smile and think “Even for a book lover, Katie is a total geek.”  (Says the self – proclaimed total geek.)

14.  Emily – she is so much like me, it’s not even funny.

13.   My in-laws – so many people have rotten ones and mine are just terrific – AND I finally gained a sister!  (This isn’t to say I’m not thankful for you, Mom! Just that it’s really nice to have good in-laws.)

12.  My freedom – I’m not talking about the country I live in. I am just thankful I am not a slave of some sort.

11. My trip to Haiti – I learned what it means to be really thankful for what you have.

12.  My friends – while I don’t have that many, the ones I do have are amazing!

11. Being smoke free – its been 10 months, 6 days, 16 hours and some odd minutes since I picked a cigarette up. Cheers to living longer!

10. Homeschooling – I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding position to fill than that of a teacher.  I am learning so much via their studies and they, themselves.

9.  The internet – yes, seriously.  There is so much information at my fingertips and I get to keep in touch with people.

8.  Health Insurance – I was without it for four months and it stinks.  It’s amazing what the cost of being healthy is.

7.  A Free Day with My Husband – it’s a rare thing when Keith and I both have days where we aren’t committed elsewhere.  I enjoy being able to sort through all our crap, throwing things away and lounging about!  (that’s what we are doing today!)