GIST #21

Posted on November 6, 2010


Some of you won’t get this.  Some of you totally will.

I quite distinctly remember being at my lowest last month and laying in bed with the covers pulled over my head crying and felt a little nudge.  Then another.  It was Ronnie, our black lab.  When I acknowledged him, he immediately climbed up on me and proceeded to lick my face to no end.  I completely believe he knew I needed just that little nudge to not feel quite so lost.

When Keith isn’t around, I freely talk to Dutch, Keith’s adopted cat.  He keeps me company when the silence gets to me.

Clawdette is my lovey cat.  When I need a cuddle, she is ready.  I curl up and she comes running.  Sorta.  She’s kinda large and it’s hard for her to run anywhere, but you get the picture.  Either way, she comes to cuddle.

Grace in Small Things #21:

The Pets

Clawdette, Ronnie and Dutch