Inner Sunshine

Posted on October 28, 2010


Imagine my surprise when I looked in the shower to talk to Keith (who was rinsing off after a day’s work) and all of a sudden I was happy. It was a wave raining over me. I felt the old me. Who I am. Why I am.

It was, as I just told a dear friend, like putting on your glasses first thing in the morning. Everything went clear, I could hear better, breathe better.

Imagine now as I write this blog, hearing outside the window “Help me!!! The giant snake is chasing me! Its chaaaaaaaaasing me!”

That other me? I would have been all over that mad. Because here I am trying to write a blog about my inner sunshine when one of our girls is letting out her inner sunshine in the form of imaginative play. Imagine the daringness of her! Hmph!


I’m glad that other me is gone for now.

I know it’s not for good. I am ok with that. Because, just like this time, God will be there with me through it again.

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