That Testimony Thing….

Posted on October 14, 2010


I had to write a testimony as part of an application.


I thought I would share…


Everyone has a testimony.  Last night I was struggling writing mine and even the 9 year old was giving me a hard time over my effort.


I know now why I am struggling so much.


I want a beautiful, flowery story with emotional words.


My story is ugly.  It isn’t filled with love. It’s filled with a lot of hate, truth be known.


My story wallows in words like: rape, murder and adultery.  The emotional words that come at me are hate, anger and confusion.


Who wants to share that story?  The part that is important is the fairy tale ending: My Daddy forgives me and loves me unconditionally.


How’d I get to this particular place in my journey?  I read a book that made me think twice.  This book suggests that just maybe, we are supposed to do what Jesus said to do.  Pretty nifty idea, huh?   Live a bit radically, perhaps, on the edge…following that Jesus guy.
I was suddenly looking around and questioning. I was challenged by the way we were living.  How we were (or weren’t, rather) following Jesus.


God started speaking in previously unheard of ways.  We got rid of some material things and decided to live more simply.  God poured love from my heart.  I found myself hanging out with the homeless on weekends – and having fun.  I went out of my way to be nice to the lady in line behind me at the supermarket.


So I started loving people.  And God started healing me.  He even uses me as His hands and feet sometimes. I like those times.


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