I Feel Like I Should Be Knitting

Posted on October 14, 2010


Nope, I don’t know how. But boy, do I want to learn. I want to make bright, colorful things! (Oh man, who am I turning into to? Colorful things?)

We are up late. Late for us right now, anyway. Without the meds, it’s easier to go to bed sooner. I settle in with a book (trying to stream line all the thoughts running rampant in my head) and doze off with the help of one of the meds I do have. We can live like this a while longer. I keep telling myself that anyway.

Keith has a friend coming over. We are going to talk about Jesus and what it means to follow Him uniquely and in our own radical ways. Wanna come over? Coffee is on…

Speaking of radical, I really wanna read Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream by David Platt.  And Enough: Contentment in the Age of Excess by Will Samson.  Both of those tie in nicely with the Economy of Love study we are doing.  Interested? I can get you details on when and where. We are going to discuss what God might just have to say about the American Dream.

I made a mistake.  I got my husband in on the homemade clothes kick.  Now – two weeks before Halloween – he decides that we shouldn’t buy our costumes from some Halloween Mega Mart and should instead have them homemade.  By me.  (With the girls’ mom helping.)  This should prove to be interesting.

I have had the sewing machine …let’s see… oh about a year now. I have made two skirts, one and a half quilts (and if I am being honest, I wouldn’t even count that “half”) and an apron.  Not a stellar record.  But I do want to learn how to sew. Maybe this costume thing will be good for me.

I hear a knock at the door.  Seriously, door is open, coffee is on…


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