Love Is Where The Heart Is

Posted on October 10, 2010


I grew up what most of you would call poor.
I’m still what most people would call poor.

And I’m OK with that.

Because I know I am not poor.

I thought I was.  Then I went to Haiti and my world changed forever.

I bit back tears as babes in mama’s arms stood in line for hours to receive a bag of rice from me.  They walked for miles.  Barefoot and in the heat.  In the hopes that they would be given a small bag of food.  Stuff that you and I probably having sitting in the bottom of our shelf every single time we look in the cupboards and declare there to be nothing there.

I listened to stories of orphans who knew their mother had given them away – and were thankful.

My heart tore at the thought of selling your three children for $20 in the hopes that they could escape the poverty they were wallowing in.

My eyes couldn’t stop starting at the waste and trash piled by the sides of the roads and my stomach rolled at the thought of what nastiness we were exposed to.

Are there poor people in America? Absolutely.

Are there children living in poverty? Absolutely.

Should we take care of those in our backyard? Absolutely. (If anyone is interested, I volunteer at various organizations around town that help those in our backyard and would be more than willing to help you get started helping others. 🙂 )

I know poor looks different to different people, and I know that it looks different in a Third World country than it does here. But the bottom line is the same: do something about it. Here.  There.  Way over there.


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