Posted on October 9, 2010


I just read something that totally clicked with me: “I write to find out what I am thinking.”  That’s what I do with my blog… it’s just a way to find out what I am thinking.

And I am thinking  a lot of unconnected thoughts…

I feel like I am finding myself.  At the age of 35, I am going through some phase.  A new me is emerging and I think I like her.  She’s not as harsh as the old me, she’s a bit greener, perhaps “gentler” would apply her.  I feel love where I used to feel anger.

I am trying to see the beauty in small things.

I want to live more simply.

I want to craft. (Funny story here.  The girls’ mom and I have such similar Halloween costumes, that we are going in on the same pattern for said costume and she is going to help me sew it.  I think the similarities emerge when we aren’t so busy opposing each other. It’s magical even.)

I want to wear quirky dresses with my Converse.  (And if I learn to sew, then I can make quirky dresses to wear with my Converse.)

This month, we are learning about the History of Halloween.  From a Christian’s perspective.  Sounds interesting, eh?

I need more knee high socks. So do the kids. One can never have enough quirky knee high socks.

I love my Kindle.

I want to see Jesus in more people.