A Daughter…

Posted on October 3, 2010


A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.  ~Author Unknown

I found this in my drafts and decided to share it…

Tonight, Abby is hanging out with her dad for a little while.  I’m holding my breath waiting on her to get home.  I always do when she is gone.  I sigh in the afternoons when she comes home from school.  Another sigh of relief escapes me when she gets home from a friend’s house.  Imagine how loud that sound was yesterday when I picked her up from Leadership Camp, safe and sound.
I realized on the drive home just how much she has grown up.  She’s not my little girl anymore – even though she will always be my baby.  But she is really and truly a young lady.

She is telling me stories about the leadership building activities and games they participated in during her week at camp.  She is telling me about her new friends.  She gushes about how cool it was.  And I am filled with pride.  She is super intelligent and shows great leadership – some might call it bossiness, but I know it’s just leadership in the making.  The stories she told made that obvious.   You can get her take on bossiness vs. leadership on her blog.

I realized Abby is my friend.  Yes, I am a parent first and always will be.  But I genuinely like my daughter.  She is intelligent, funny and caring, loves Jesus and is developing my sarcasm skills.  Traits I look for in a friend.  Not to mention, if I am her friend, I am in good hands.  She is loyal and would fight for her friends to the end.  What’s not to like?

So, tonight, I tell you, Sweet Child O’ Mine, that I love and respect you and am coming to value your friendship.  While we may disagree at times (more and more often recently), know that I cherish you.

Oodles and boodles.

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