Time Flies

Posted on September 11, 2010


I have no idea where my days have gone. It’s been exactly three weeks to the day since I posted a blog and it feels like it was yesterday. I know we are busy…

Mondays I volunteer at IHN and take yoga, Tuesdays I help out at one of the girls’ co-ops, Wednesday and Thursday we homeschool (also, we have a different co-op on Thursdays) and Fridays is girl scouts (not sure if that’s every week or what…)

That sure does look like a lot. Wowzers no wonder I can’t find time to do anything.

And I want to add a mid-week Bible study?

My current research project is Islam. I want to know more about it. It’s the fastest growing religion in the world and is already the second largest religion in the world. I should probably learn something about my Muslim neighbors. If you don’t know, I take a topic and spend a month or so saturating myself in everything I can about that topic. Last time around it was homeschooling and look where that got me. 😉

Speaking of homeschooling, we still are. We still love it. It’s weird teaching with someone though. I know when the girls are sitting at the table and I am trying to explain something my way and they are looking at me with this look of utter confusion that their mom explains it totally different. And that is going to take some getting used to on my part and their’s. I know they can do it. Plenty of kids learn from multiple teachers. Our little girls aren’t used to that though.

Abby is going to Europe this summer with her French class. I am so jealous. She gets to visit places I can only dream of visiting and I am very glad she has been given this opportunity. She is saving up money, so if anyone wants to have her do some chores for them to help her earn money, be sure and let us know! 🙂

Keith is busy trying to put together a not for profit. It’s harder and more involved than one would think. But, boy, is it fun! To think, he gets to work and do something he loves to do. Don’t we all dream about that?

I don’t know really how much time I have to devote to keeping the blog up and running. But I hope to find the time.

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