Tell Your Story – Jenifer and Keith’s Testimony

Posted on August 2, 2010


From a message our pastor gave at The Net Church, and developed on the church website –

Taking a page from a book by Bill Hybels called Walk Across the Room, we challenged everyone to write out their testimony in 100 words or less. To hear an example from the message delivered on 11.08.09, click here. Or simply get on with it below! Look forward to hearing YOUR STORY!

Here is mine and Jenifer’s combined story. We combined our 100 words to 200 for the both of us.

Keith and Jenifer’s Testimony

K: I grew up in church and studied the theory of religion.

J: I grew up with very little church.

K: I knew right from wrong and toed the line – as far as anyone knew.

J: I did whatever I wanted or needed to do to be accepted.

K: I was good at hiding my tracks and convincing people I was a good Christian.

J: I flaunted my lifestyle and believed in very little.

K: I got tired of hiding and quit pretending.

BOTH: So we hooked up. And God got to work.

K: I was as low as I’d ever been.

J: And I’d start started seeing glimpses of another world.

K: This was NOT Missionary dating…..

J: Until *I* drug *him* to church.

K: And God worked on us.

J: But it was just the beginning.

K: He used a new church

J: and a book

K: and even getting rid of STUFF – physical THINGS

J: and all of that was good.

K: but that’s not where He reached us.

J: Nope. He pulled us both into the web of His love.

K: Just one random night.

J: Nothing special, just a visit from God.

K: Sounds hokey and charismatic.

J: But I was there. It happened.

K: And now we love people with wild abandon.

J: Love Jesus.

K: Love people.

BOTH: It’s that simple.

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