Our Library, Office or Sleepover Room

Posted on July 28, 2010


We have this room on the back of our house.  We call it the library most of the time because that’s where all our books are.   We also call it the office. I don’t really know why other than that’s where the (broken) desktop stays and our desk is.  It’s real function is three fold: it houses the cats’ litter boxes, it houses the elliptical trainer and hosts the girls’ sleepovers since there is a pull out couch big enough for 72 girls, a TV and the PS2 for their entertainment.

The couch is brown.  And ugly.  Not a cool couch at all.  The room is a disaster. It’s very unwelcoming. As embarrassing as it is, let me show you:

Now that Keith is going to be focusing on starting his non-profit and writing and the girls are here for two days out of the week for schooling, we have decided we need to re-do the room.  A slipcover over the couch is the first order of business.  We need to clean (obviously), hang artwork, put out some smelly good stuff (remember the litter box?), and just make the room more welcoming.

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