The Girls and Their Other Parents

Posted on July 22, 2010


The other day, I was saddened to the point of tears by a thought.  The girls’ other parents don’t know all of them and we don”t know all of the girls.

It led me to wonder a few things:

When Em goes to her mom’s, does she get to see that same gorgeous glow from within when Em smiles?  Do her and Em share a special sign (Ours is a wink. It means “I love you” without having to say a word.) ?

Does Katie’s mom get such a prideful feeling inside when she hears Katie so brilliantly tell you what was wrong with a book – and more importantly, what was right?   Does she get the word “pie” drawn all over the shower wall?

Does Abby shine with the light of God when she is at her dad’s? Does he see the inner beauty as well as the external?  Does he know about her taking up for the underdogs at school?

What about the fact that they probably hide certain things from each household?  Not that they are hiding something in a bad way, just in an “Oh Daddy probably wouldn’t like it if I told him how much fun we had with our mom today.”  Not that he would get upset, but that they think he might.

At the same time, I wonder if there are things at their other parents’ houses that we are missing out on?  Does Abby root for a sports team with wild abandon but keep it under wraps when she comes here because she knows we don’t care about sports?  Is Katie a secret bird watcher and forgotten to tell us?  What about Em… does she dance a minuet at her mom’s house but not at ours?
I’m saddened that, despite how far we have come as separate families, the kids still are divided.

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