Punk Rock Education

Posted on July 21, 2010


Us and our punk rock selves will be officially co-educating the “little” girls on Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning August 9th.  We came to an agreement with the girls’ mom that everyone is cool with: She teaches on Monday and Tuesdays, I cover Wednesday and Thursday and Friday is a “loose” day to finish up any leftover projects, field trips, co-ops, that sort of thing.

“What happened?” some of you are asking.  We used to be against the girls being home schooled by their mom. It’s a really long explanation that is best left between the two households.  It finally hit us that, for a variety of reasons, home schooling – relaxed homeschooling at that – them is for the best. Wanna know what reasons?

They will have the education we want them to have. Who said that Katie has to be able to estimate fraction and decimal sums or differences this year? What about Em’s needing to organize the phases of the moon in the correct sequence?  Wait… the Board of Education does say that they need to be able to do these things this year.  But why?  Why can’t we decide that teaching them about Abraham is more important? What if we let Katie read up on cells and she decides to whip out her microscope and spend an hour looking at cells?  Do we say “Sorry Katie, you aren’t going to be able to enjoy what you are learning because someone who doesn’t know you says that you should be researching the life cycles of plants”?

They won’t have the education the government wants them to have. The education that taught you and I that drugs were something to be experimented with.  Or that it was no big deal to sleep around.  Or that wearing name brand clothing was more important than the grades you were getting from memorizing useless facts and spitting them out once every nine weeks on our exams.  And, come on, seriously, did you ever use that little tiny bit of trivia that told you 149 years ago today, the first battle of Bull ran happened.

God gave the girls to us to raise, not a school teacher.  Why should they spend seven hours out of twenty-four with someone who doesn’t know them? We are the best people to assess their progress and it’s our responsibility to raise them.

To get to know the girls better. Yes, we get the girls more often than most dads.  But it still isn’t enough.  Would you want to be separated from your children for a majority of their month?  Do  you want to be separated from them for an hour or two?  Oh yeah.  Seriously… we like and enjoy our family and the time we spend together.  Educating them allows us into their lives more deeply and gets to better understand who they are growing up to be.

They won’t be subjected to as much cruelty growing up as we were. Yeah, really, that was one of my reasons.  Kids are mean.  Put them in a large group, and they grow more mean.  What if Katie wore her two different colored Crocs that I think is both the most amazing thing (the way she simply explains quite happily,”I don’t have a same colored pair because I lost the others!”) and the most aggravating thing (Shoes have to match. I mean come on, it might be seen In Public. :))

It’s the punk rock thing to do. Seriously, that isn’t  a reason why we changed our minds, but it sure doesn’t hurt.  It kinda feels good, liberating even,  to go your own way and “stick it to The Man”.

More reasons to come…

For the record, the girls’ mom didn’t sponsor this blog or anything. 🙂 This isn’t stuff that she “fed” me.  It’s stuff that I read more about, prayed about and and then really listened to God.

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